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Tell My Story

What we do . . .

Tell My Story is the How To of communicating the Good News of the Gospel through a focus on solutions and off of problems. Learn to concentrate on the end goal and leave behind the long road that led to where things now stand.  Jesus never asked for the back-story, rather "He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with him." Acts 10:38  ESV 

There are many sites that provide content, we provide the skills for a powerful delivery of that content.  From over twenty years studying the Hebraic concept of "heart" and nearly thirty years of training counselors how to transform into Solution Focused providers of healing, Tell My Story is here to equip you to Communicate Timeless Truth in Truthless Times in ways that foster understanding, avoid arguments and reach forward into what can be rather than focus on what presently is and how things got there.

Enjoy traveling throughout this website for information and skills to hone your abilities as a Solution Focused Prophetic Minister, and contact us if you have questions or just want more information.


We're here to help you learn how to communicate Straight to the Heart using Microworldviews© and easily learned solution focused skills to give you a curiously fun way to communicate your story in context of the story of Jesus.

Send an email and we will be in touch to assist you in telling your story: 


You are key to Tell My Story

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Dr. Steve Gilbertson

Founder and Principal

A favorite photo on a Sabbath Days Journey for Life walking with friends while raising funds across the cultural lines of Evangelical, Messianic and Roman Catholic communities.

Thats one way to tell your own story. Start by looking for what is held in common rather than what is different.

Jesus did that frequently when he spoke into a Third Way of viewing a situation.  Here's one example: "What do You think? Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar or not?” 


Appearing to be held to two choices, he gave his Third Way: “Whose [is] this image and the inscription?”

They say to Him, “Caesar’s”; then He says to them, “Render therefore the things of Caesar to Caesar, and the things of God to God”;


The Third Way is at the heart of the Tell My Story  process. Every contact, situation, opportunity is there to challenge you to find your own Third Way in the moment. Truth leaps into those Third Way opportunities.

Steve has been presenting the skills of Tell My Story for about 30 years.  The joy of finding the Third Way and communicating Straight To the Heart has been driving this work in your direction for this moment.

Faith Development Programs


Master Storyteller

We partner with individuals and groups helping you  become part of the Third Way Community. We are Master Storytellers who enjoy our opportunities to be skilled communicators of the Gospel Message.

You are the expert on yourself and your journey with Jesus. Only you can tell that story to others the way you do, and only you can find the Third Way opportunities waiting just for you.

Tell My Story and HeartReachers is here to assist you in developing your skills for Bringing 1st Century Truth to 21st Century Ears.

Our invitation to you may begin here.

Look around our website. Enjoy. You will find information that you can download, read online, consider and imagine as tools gained for your own opportunities.

Drawing from Both Ends Of the Book, what we call the Wholly Bible, we have and continue to explore human hearts and how to relate True Truth to those hearts.

Gaining ears to hear is all in hearing that heart first. This is all a part of loving your neighbor like yourself as individuals who all long to be heard.

Tell My Story and HeartReachers is looking towards hearing your heart so you may became a Master Storyteller at communicating Timeless Truth to Truthless Times.

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